The Charisma Myth

Book : The Charisma Myth

Author: Olivia Fox Cobane

Shelby’s Rating: 4/5

Personal Development Genre: Communication

Why Read: Get out of your way when it comes to building relationships business or not this is helpful.

I like to consider myself on the border of awkward and personable. Like we’ll probably have a great conversation and I’ll find some way to make it awk sauce. Why do I preface this book review with this specific information about myself? Until I read this book I had no idea that some of my behaviors made me come off as highly charismatic while others made me look like a total b*****.

So here's the deal you can be the nicest person on the planet but if your vibe is off or your body language is stiff the other person may leave the encounter thinking to themselves well that was awkward or worse she was a total snob. At the end of the day if you want to do better in your friendships, business partnerships or random social encounters this is a book you should def pick up. Scroll up to the link above to grab your copy!