The Untethered Soul

Book : The Untethered Soul

Author: Michael A. Singer

Shelby’s Rating: 5/5

Personal Development Type: Spiritual

Why Read: If you’re struggling with anxiety, feeling connected to source or surrendering to what the Universe has in store for you, this is a must read.

As a huge Gabby Bernstein fan this book is right up there on the spiritual life transformation must reads. This is the only book in the past decade that I’ve read more than once, in fact I’ve probably listened to it in 10 times in my sleep (Audible is a serious game changer folks) since purchasing it because I believe the message is so powerful.

Reading this book was one of the first steps I took to finding inner peace. It was a book that helped me release the things I was holding onto, clinging to and I believe it was one of keys to my becoming conscious of my thoughts and beliefs as uncomfortable as that may have been.

If you haven’t already scroll back to the top, click the ink and buy this book now. You need it on your shelf.