Are Your Thoughts Killing You?

I know, I know it sounds morbid your thought can’t actually be killing you, right? What if though every time you tell yourself “I just want to die right now” you’re actually slowly killing yourself ? I would say its worth a little investigation because personally I’m not trying to put myself on the express train to disease or death.

There are countless examples of the placebo effect showing how powerful the mind is for our health, otherwise said when we believe the magic blue pill is our cure, it works. Crazier yet there have been studies where a person in a hypnotic state is touched with a piece of ice which has been presented to him or her as hot metal, an despite the ice being, ice a blister develops. Talk about the power of the mind. One of my all time favorite examples of the power of the mind is with Dr. Joe Dispenza who was severely injured in a bike vs car crash, told he would likely never walk again unless he had a risky surgery was able to heal his broken back and was walking in a few short months by visualizing and meditation on healing one vertebrae at a time.

Ive known about the mind-body connection for a long time, yet when I was struggling with my own health concerns I was so caught up with what I could do with food and nutrition that I didn’t even take the time to notice my own thoughts. I was so deep into stressing about how I was falling apart at 24 deep in my own brain fog, leaky gut, slurred speech, acne and anxiety that I didn’t even stop to think about what I was thinking about. Luckily the health concerns were a wake up call for me to change my lifestyle and when conventional health care failed I went on the quest of finding answers. I stumbled into the world of mediation, personal development and holistic health. While some things cleared up over the first year of a total lifestyle change one thing remained, the acne.

When I moved to Colorado in September of 2018 the acne got worse. I was under increased stress from moving across the country and some of my old self doubt start had started to sneak back in. It was during that time that a podcast episode triggered me to make the connection between my thoughts and what was happening to my face. It was around that same time I came upon a book my aunt had gifted me several years prior. The book was Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body. In this book she shares the thoughts we think to create specific illnesses or conditions. Curious, I turned to the page on acne where she had written: Acne: not accepting self or dislike of self. I could feel the truth in that statement. My acne surfaced during a time in my life where I was extremely insecure, in constant self hatred and doubting my worth. It resurfaced again on moving to CO where I found myself starting to slip back into old thoughts of not-enoughness.

This sparked curiosity about all the other random illnesses or ailments I had experienced over the previous 10 years. I looked up everything I could remember experiencing —bells palsy, shingles, acne, candida & gut health imbalances. Brace yourself babe this shit is about to get a little crazy.

Bells Palsy & Shingles happened during high school when I was seeing an ex again but felt like I was waiting for something bad to happen & a little angry he wouldn’t make it official. I never really learned how to express my emotions in a healthy way because all of my anger and inner turmoil was bottled up inside. Bells Palsy if you’re not familiar thats where half of your face goes numb & droopy really fun for a 16 year old girl to experience. Louise Hay had written: “Bells Palsy: extreme control over anger. Unwillingness to express feelings” and Shingles “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” This book was seriously onto something.

Next I looked up candida which I had experienced in college. I was dating a guy and didn’t fully trust him, he was constantly late for our dates, forgetting we had plans & hiding the fact that he was smoking pot daily. Again I never expressed my frustrations with him but would you have it Louise was spot onto how I was feeling “candida - feeling scattered, lots of frustration and anger, demanding and untrusting relationships”. BOOM mind blown yet again.

Acne was on and off for me over a 8 year span of college and beyond. It would come and go and I always blamed it on stress, hormones or diet and while I’m certain those things contributed to it. I was facisnated to read that “not accepting self and dislikes self” were what Louise said were at the root of it since I pretty much hated my body & my self for as long as I could remember. I was constantly looking to others for approval.

Since these discoveries I’ve been very careful about what I tell my body to manifest. I truly believe our mind plays a bigger role than we give it credit for when it come to our health and our lives. I will also note that when I discovered Louise’s work I also started saying affirmations like “my skin is radiant and clear”, “I don’t get acne”, “my skin is healing” and I can honestly say {aside for this week for some reason} my skin has been very, very clear compared to past.

So I’m curious are you really thinking about your thoughts? What are you constantly telling yourself?

  • I’m dying

  • I can’t even.

  • I’m always sick.

  • I have so much pain.

  • I have always had acne.

If you believed your thoughts were manifesting your reality would you change them? I sure have.