Ah nuts, thats too many calories.

You know what I’m over? People talking about how many calories are in legit EVERYTHING. I know, I know to some degree it does matter but lets get real here there are a hell of a lot more important things to know about a food than just the number of calories it contains. What if instead we labeled foods based on its nutrient content? or what it does for our bodies?

I used to count calories. I was OBSESSED. I didn’t eat almond butter —too many calories — and God forbid I eat a handful of nuts because obviously I’ll gain weight. I had a lot of fear around food. It consumed me & I was miserable because of it. Top it off with the fact that I couldn’t lose the 5 pounds around my mid-section I so desperately wanted to lose and I just about went into a full-fledged panic attack. “I’m the RD-to-be I should have this figured out.”

After 8 years of calorie counting I woke up one day and said f-this, I gave up. I started when I was 15. At 23 I was gaining weight exercising 1-2 hours most days of the week and eating 1200-1400 calories a day. I decided there had to be another way. I turned to eating whole foods and balancing my macronutrients. I detoxed my body. I started eating more and guess what? I found I wasn’t hungry all the time. My cravings went away.

Last time I checked I’m eating around 2000-2500 calories a day. Jaw-drop I know. My mid-section is leaner. I’m not starving all the hot-damn time and my cravings only come when I’m stressed or not processing emotions, areas I’m still working on.

I no longer count calories but I am conscious about the foods I incorporate. I make sure I’m getting adequate protein, fiber, fats and carbs. I eat real food, not the low cal fake diet-y crap I used to. I’ve switched to mostly organics. I supplement my intake with superfoods.

I believe our bodies aren’t as concerned with how many calories we’re taking in every day as they are with nutrients. I believe if we make it clear to our bodes that what we’re putting in it is in fact food. If we avoid the stuff that makes it go WTF — I’m talking about you artificial sweeteners, dyes, fillers, processed oils. If we fill it up with so much of the good stuff it will naturally regulate itself to a healthy weight.

At the end of the day not all calories are created equally. What broccoli and what bread do to our hormones are two entirely different things and I would put money on it that you’re a lot more full after 1000 calories of broccoli than you are after 1000 calories of bread.