Balanced Before Breakfast

My Morning Story

Real talk. I was the queen of unbalanced breakfasts. I was the high schooler grabbing an energy drink and Poptart as I rolled into school 5 minutes late. I leveled up my breakfast post-college to egg bakes and oatmeal but I continued to be the queen of snoozing.

For those of you non-snoozers out there I know what you’re thinking, “why didn’t you just stop hitting snooze?” You may never understand the struggle & trust me I TRIED. I wanted to be that beauty who bounded out of bed at 5 am every morning but every morning I would wake up in a fog, pissed at the world…but mostly my alarm.

I’d snooze for at minimum an hour and then spend the rest of the day beating myself up because I was late, cranky and ungrounded.

So I’m here to share what I do every morning & how I got myself to shift that disaster of a routine into something that leaves me feeling pretty magical every day.

Step one: Ditch the snooze.

One book changed my life. Even after I had established a solid morning routine I was still hitting snooze and I was still feeling groggy EVERY day as a result. If you have an audible account pause your reading head over there and download Mel Robbin’s The Five Second Rule.

Then watch to this youtube video.

Step two: Master your mind

Your input changes your output. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was angry at the world. There was a time in my life when I blamed all my circumstances on everyone and everything around me. I thought I was “above” that self help stuff. Then I hit rock bottom (thats a story for another day).

Today not a day goes by that I don’t fill my mind with positive & motivational content. Whether thats a book, podcast or my most recent audible download. As cheesy as it felt at first its absolutely changed my life for the better and I’ll never not make this #1 every morning. I’ll be linking a list of podcasts & books that got me through all sorts of things in life.

Step three: Fuel your body

Oh baby, put down the Poptart. Seriously if you want to feel balanced and blissed out every day you can’t start out on the blood sugar roller coaster. What do I mean by that!? Have you ever felt hangry? Think Snickers commercial style? Maybe your’re totally wiped an hour after a big meal or just starving two hours after your morning bowl of cereal? THAT my friend is the blood sugar roller coaster.

So if you want to feel really epic, like high vibe every day. Ditch your bagels, toast, pancakes, cereal and oatmeal and come over to the protein side. A couple of eggs sautéed with veggies, olive oil and a side of fruit - YES! A superfoods filled protein smoothie- YES.

Protein & healthy fats (like almond butter, avocado, walnuts) will help you stay fuller longer, keep your blood sugars stable and prevent you from riding that good old blood sugar roller coaster. Because babe, you’re not you when you’re hungry.

Step four: Move

Just do it. Get that blood flowing. Seriously don’t ask questions just find something you like and move that body. Shit, toss on some old school R&B and have yourself a little dance party.

Steph five: Silence your squirrels

You know those crazy squirrels your brain spends so much time chasing?! Yeah lets try to gain a little control over them shall we?!

I’m guilty….

I SHOULD all over myself for a long time on this one. I SHOULD meditate, I SHOULD make the time I SHOULD silence my mind. I knew all the benefits….

  • Increased attention span

  • improved metabolism

  • life appreciation

  • time management

  • better sleep

  • more mental capacity

  • reduced aging

  • stress reduction

So I get it if you’re not practicing’re probably either thinking you should or you’re thinking there is no way in hell you can clear your mind for more than a millisecond. I feel you, I’ve been there.

I think meditation is a lot like exercise. You kind of sort of hate it & don’t understand the hype when you start and then you get addicted because it makes you feel SO good.

I’m also a strong believer that you have to find something that you enjoy! Just like exercise! Insight Timer & Headspace provide tons of free meditations!

For me my real love is the Tony Robbins Priming exercise which I first discovered at his Unleash the Power within event last summer.

My Routine

4:45 am - Tall glass of water down the hatch, make breakfast

5:00 am - Read my current personal development book & sip green tea pre-workout

5:30 am - Press play on my @ home workout

6:30 am - Meditation or priming

6:45 am - Shower

Seriously give it one week and if you don’t feel like a magical unicorn every morning I will be very, very surprised.